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The shop has been updated with 30 new items! I added a lot of newborn bonnets and a handful of yummy layers. I also have a few newborn outfits! They are so sweet looking and I can't wait to make more. Here is a little glimpse. Check out the rest at

Small Kitchen Living

Small kitchens are no joke. They get dirty quick and keeping your counters minimal and clutter free is a tricky task. At the moment we have a half kitchen, half laundry room. I know, it sounds like a nightmare and trust me, it is! We are in the process of adding on a mud / laundry room. This should help remedy the limited storage space problem we currently have.

My color scheme seems be an odd one but I love color and it's hard for me to narrow it down. Right now we have cream walls and grey cupboards that we painted over the winter (this made for a cheap solution, instead of replacing them).  I started to purchase a mosaic tile backsplash but we haven't put it up. We are still trying to find the time for that project.

We are big coffee drinkers and I love my colorful fiesta dishes. I found the floral mug at Wal-Mart and the other printed mugs were picked up at TJMaxx.

Maybe in a few months I'll post some more pictures of our progress. For now I'll keep pinning fun ideas on pinterest. Follow my board if you like my pins.

I Wear Designer Shades Just to Hide My Face

The other day I was at a birthday party with the kids. One of the parents accidentally dropped their sunglasses on the ground and one of the children stepped on them and broke them. The parent was pretty upset to find this out because the shades she purchased were $200+, according to her. Yikes! Who buys $200 shades? NOT ME! I hope I'm not alone in my thinking. I can find a lot of great stylish shades for under $10. Hence the reason for my post! Here is a lovely collection of shades I own and want to own in the near future. A girl can never have too many pairs and one day I aspire to be like the great Elton John. A closet full of sweet shades! Ok, maybe not... That's a bit extreme.

from top to bottom: AQS Orange & Blue Poppy Sunglasses - Zulily for $36, Steve Madden - TJMaxx, Betsey Johnson - TJMaxx, Forever21.

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