Hello and welcome to my website, Amilou Designs. I post inspirational photography that reflects my brand and creative lifestyle content. All of the images I post are original or captured by photographers who have purchased my products. My brand is described as being perfectly sweet handmade designs. This meaning that I hand make all of my products and add sweet details to each item. I design mainly for newborn to sitter size children.

Photography by Crystal Lee Photography

My photography prop journey started 2013. That year I was interested in creating vintage pieces. Cables, bows and timeless caps were the staple. I made a ton of sitter size shorties with matching bonnets (see image above) . I was amazed at how many sets I made that year and to this day it is still my most purchased item. Something about the knit vintage look really inspires a lot of photographers. I received a lot of compliments about how stretchy the knit shorties can be. Photographers were amazed to find that they fit a large range of sitting babies, from ages 6 months to 18 months.

Photography by Jessa Baby Photography

You can still purchase my sitter shorties and bonnet set. Follow this link to purchase:

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