Thank you fans, family, friends and photographers!

I am pretty stoked about where my little business is headed and I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has helped me get this far. I have received some amazing photo's of my items in use and it really puts things into perspective. This is why I keep going.

Photography by Jessa Baby Photography

 Photography by Crystal Lee Photography

There are so many amazing vendors out there that have tons of followers and fans. It can be so discouraging when you don't make a sale for a week but I have to remain true to myself. I believe if I stay true to creating the things I like and always enjoy what I do, it can only go up from here.

Photography by Rock Paper Pictures

  Photo by Kalyn Brown Photography

My facebook page reached 2,000 fans a few weeks ago! It really is a huge milestone for me after only being in business for one year. I have spent many hours sitting, knitting, 'watching tv' (more like listening), putting off cooking and cleaning, staying up late nights to finish orders and it's finally starting to pay off. My family puts up with so much and I'm really thankful for their understanding.



Here are the after shots of the headbands I was working on yesterday. I think they turned out pretty sweet. Keep scrolling to find out how to make your own!

The design of these headbands is actually pretty easy to make up yourself. Here is a quick tutorial I made up that shows how to replicate these knots. All you need is a stretchy knit fabric. An old top that has stretch works great. Cut the top into 2 inch strips (or wider if you desire a turban look) long enough to wrap around your head. When you cut the fabric, make sure that the stretch is going width wise. You want your strips to have some stretch.
Once you have created the knot you desire, you can choose to sew, glue or knot the ends together. Get creative and have a little fun with different printed fabric! I hope you're inspired with this quick DIY.


This afternoon has been spent crafting away. I'm working on some new baby headbands made of soft jersey in mint and tan. I don't know what it is about this mint color but I love it! I want to make everything with it.

I hate to show a before with no after picture BUT I have kids and they love to change my plans ;) I'm sure you understand. Check back tomorrow and I will post the after pictures.


Hello and welcome to my website, Amilou Designs. I post inspirational photography that reflects my brand and creative lifestyle content. All of the images I post are original or captured by photographers who have purchased my products. My brand is described as being perfectly sweet handmade designs. This meaning that I hand make all of my products and add sweet details to each item. I design mainly for newborn to sitter size children.

Photography by Crystal Lee Photography

My photography prop journey started 2013. That year I was interested in creating vintage pieces. Cables, bows and timeless caps were the staple. I made a ton of sitter size shorties with matching bonnets (see image above) . I was amazed at how many sets I made that year and to this day it is still my most purchased item. Something about the knit vintage look really inspires a lot of photographers. I received a lot of compliments about how stretchy the knit shorties can be. Photographers were amazed to find that they fit a large range of sitting babies, from ages 6 months to 18 months.

Photography by Jessa Baby Photography

You can still purchase my sitter shorties and bonnet set. Follow this link to purchase:

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