Why Do Props Cost So Much?

I feel like the number one thing that turns a customer away from purchasing high-end props is cost. They wonder where they can get the same thing for much less. That's how I shop. Why spend more at a boutique when another place sells the same item for way less. Our culture is obsessed with finding a deal. Why shouldn't it be the same when purchasing photography props?

 Photography by Crystal Lee Photography

My prices, in my humble opinion, are nowhere near outrageous. My newborn bonnets usually start at $30, depending on the design. The older baby (6-12 month) sets are my highest priced item because of the amount of time and detail it takes to make them. Think of it this way: I'm hand making wearable baby clothes with my hands, needles, and yarn (gorgeous yarn!). Yes, you might be able to find something similar at a lower price somewhere else, but please know that when you support me you support a small business. I take pride in producing lovely unique pieces. I also time extra pride in carefully packaging and delivery your purchases in a timely manner.

How you spend your money depends entirely on you and who you want to support. I hope after reading that I hand make all of my items from high quality materials, it will interest you and want you to purchasing from me.

I'll step off my soap box now and jump into a different topic. I'm trying my hand at tiebacks/headbands again. This time around I'm working with some beautiful fabric to make flowers. Here is a sneak peek:

POST EDIT: Thank you so much to my loyal customer, Crystal Lee Photography - Here is a picture of the new floral headband in use.


  1. I think my next post will be "Knit vs. crochet: can you really tell the difference?" Stay tuned!

  2. i understand the quality of your bonnets and therefore the cost. what makes them special of course is the handmade aspect artfully knitting and crocheting is a thing of the past. i like to order for my friends who are having grandbabies because they are getting heirloom quality that they can past down for generations. they are so beautiful, soft that the young mothers can't help but use them in their baby photoshoots that are so popular now. so it is a practical and memorable gift all in one. thanks kathy


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