Good golly! Where did last year go? I'm kind of glad to see it go and I'm looking forward to what this year has to bring.

Last year we finally started to feel at home living in Michigan. We purchased our first home and created a lot of great memories. I can't wait to get back into the groove of crafting and hopefully create my own space for making my designs. At the moment I have a desk setup in our living room. Along with yarn, fabric and buttons galore strewn across the house. It's maddening. I have a dream of creating my own little oasis. In time it will happen.

Last year was pretty slow for me. I'm working close to full time as a hospital registration clerk and only find time to create on my days off and some weekends. It's hard to keep up with the other photography prop vendors that are out there. I wish I could go back to working full time at home but for now this is necessary.

Here are a few sneaks at the new props I have created in the last few weeks. Thanks again to all my loyal followers. I think you're out there, right?

 This little vest was made for a dear friends of mine who is pregnant with her first baby. I'm in love with it and I hope she cherishes this gift.

 Think Spring! East is coming up soon and these headbands are just darling for sitting babies.

POST EDIT: Here are a few images of these items in use!

 Photography by UNKNOWN (please let me know if this is your image)

 Photography by UNKNOWN (please let me know if this is your image)

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