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Small kitchens are no joke. They get dirty quick and keeping your counters minimal and clutter free is a tricky task. At the moment we have a half kitchen, half laundry room. I know, it sounds like a nightmare and trust me, it is! We are in the process of adding on a mud / laundry room. This should help remedy the limited storage space problem we currently have.

My color scheme seems be an odd one but I love color and it's hard for me to narrow it down. Right now we have cream walls and grey cupboards that we painted over the winter (this made for a cheap solution, instead of replacing them).  I started to purchase a mosaic tile backsplash but we haven't put it up. We are still trying to find the time for that project.

We are big coffee drinkers and I love my colorful fiesta dishes. I found the floral mug at Wal-Mart and the other printed mugs were picked up at TJMaxx.

Maybe in a few months I'll post some more pictures of our progress. For now I'll keep pinning fun ideas on pinterest. Follow my board if you like my pins.

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